Taurus in Spur N - 23. 7. 07

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Hallo to everybody!
I am Roberto Bracciante from Italy.
Excuse me: I don't speak German!
I hope you will like my works.
I prepared decals for the special edition taurus:
Mozart, Bundesheer, Licht ins Dunkel, Rotes Kreutz, Semmering, and I started making models.
I include some pictures of the works done untill now.
Any suggestion is very welcome!
I have prepared the decals for the taurus 3 version: Europa, Vmax, RTS. But I do not have a model to work with. If anyone has the blueprints of this loco please contact me. I will it make in plasticard.
Have a nice Summer!

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Kommentar von -HGH- am 23. 7. 07
Hello, Roberto! You did a great job! Guess what, one week ago I decided to do the same thing you do: modifying taurus locomotives by re-painting them and covering them with decals. For that specific reason I already bought two dozens of CONRAD-Tauri, right now I´m informing myself what airbrush equipment to buy and how to print decals according to my drawings. Maybe we can work together regarding the decals, a shared hobby is double fun. Do you print your decals at home on your printer, or do you send your drawings to a professional print shop? You can contact me via the user list of this forum. Hans-Georg from Offenbach, close to Frankfurt.

Kommentar von Roger am 23. 7. 07
Hilfe, die Tau-Russen kommen!
Nice work!


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